Christine Armbruster is a Salt Lake editorial travel photographer, going around the world to make documentary images for commercial clients in outdoor photography and restaurants and food

With an education in commercial photography and a fascination in cultures, Christine Armbruster blends commercial and documentary photography to create her own unique style. This lends her commercial work to have soul and natural feel to it and documentary projects to be easily adaptable for commercial clients. Christine is a social person, in which she can communicate and work with anyone that she is around. She has gained the trust and photographed many people from all over the world. From nomads in the Arabian desert to coffee pickers in the Dominican Republic, she has easily connected with the people and cultures around her.

Her series have been published internationally and in galleries throughout the United States. Her editorial and food images have been published in magazines such as AFAR, Kinfolk Magazine, Outside Magazine, Wine Enthusiast, The Dominican Today, and the Utah Historical Quarterly. She has photographed cookbooks for Healthy Living Magazine and Blendtec Blenders in addition to working with ad agencies and businesses to create both images and video for clients such as The Travel Channel, Dove, Airbnb, Grubhub, The Waldorf Astoria, Cafe Zupas, Petra Caravan Tours, Heirloom Restaurant Group, Snuck Farm, and RG Architects.

Currently, Christine Armbruster shoots between Minneapolis, Minnesota and Portland, Oregon, but can be found all over the world at any given moment.




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Image ©Pawel Slaby

Image ©Pawel Slaby

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