Third of Russian Mormon Videos: Vasya--musician, vocalist [Василий -- музыкант, вокалист]

"I think every electrician dreams of being an artist", says Vasya, a Russian vocalist, band member,  and music teacher.  He is the feature of the second of the videos produced during my first time in Moscow, thanks to Brigham Young University.  The music on the video is his own.  Vasya creating music was fun to work with both while filming and giving us automatic music for editing.  However, it did prove quite a challenge when we only got one take and we were trying to run 2 cameras in a very tight space.  However, it turned out nicely, so enjoy on this quite Sunday evening.

 Jed Wells, director, photographer, and mentor
Jonathan Wright, camera editor, and assistant to the director
Christine Armbruster, camera and photographer
Joseph Belliston, Sound mix
Kaleidoscope Pictures: Color correction
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BYU Alumni Association, Marriott School, Multiling Foundation, More Good Foundation, Chad and Bethany Packard.
And thank you to the extra savvy, Jason Williams for helping me get this video in the blog post itself!