$51 To Go (Russia documentary project fundraiser)

Incase you didn't somehow know/hear/figure out (or maybe you're new to the blog), I was in Russia over the summer working on a documentary film and photography project.  It was grand, it was fantastic, and I have a lot of work that I will anxiously post.  However, I am currently doing a massive fundraiser to raise $7,000 by Tuesday at 1:33AM.  It ends soon, so if you haven't donated already and have an extra $5 or $239,048 lying around, we would love it for post production!  The money will go to beautiful books, DVDs, galleries, and all sorts of other post-production and promotional costs, many of which are incentives that you get for donating.  We're only $51 away from our goal!  So if you haven't seen the promo video yet, please check it out and donate!