Announced: Summer Adventure 2011.

Although this may be old news to many of you, many of you many not know about my plans for this upcoming summer.... in which I will be going to....

Москва, Россия (Moscow, Russia!!)

I've been putting off posting about it for a while because I've been waiting for a few things to come into place.  I am working with some filmmakers on a series of short documentaries in the city for a few weeks and then I will be staying for a while longer to intern with Frank Herfort yeah!  I've been waiting on a few things (i.e. a plane ticket, information on the project, paperwork from Frank, and funding) and it's all come together nicely with the finalization of another ORCA grant from BYU so I'm good to go!  I'll be leaving May 12th I believe and back probably first week or so of August and if you know of anyone who currently/previously/or will eventually live in Moscow, you should let me know and hook me up with a connection.   So, yeah, it should be yet another wonderful summer adventure!