Back in Action!

So that took a little bit longer than I thought it would.  I am back, however!  Computer mailed and harddrive recovered.  Now, to catch up on photographs that have been sitting in my camera for over two weeks.  These days have been full of moving, flying, driving, and food mania.  I got a job at Communal, a local restaurant and moved in with some foodies.  Oiling up my cutting boards, I have been set to work, building my food portfolio and finally finding the perfect crepe recipe and figs to fill them with.  I plan on having a lot more photographs of food coming through here as I finish up my last few months in Provo, Utah.  





First image taken at the supposed best breakfast burrito stand in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Second image taken of my current kitchen counter, filled with wooden cutting boards and thrift store posts and juicers.