Carnival Over Kamskiye Polyany

As common throughout many of my photographs: a carnival.  I just love them.  Perhaps one day I will run away with one despite people telling me it is not as romantic as it sounds.

Recently, I have been in Kamskiye Polyany, a town of 18,000, built for 140,000.  There are many empty apartments, empty booths at the market, and just a strange feeling as you walk down the street.  The industry is non-existent.  The people of Kamskiye Polyany tried to create a casino industry over the last few years, only to be shut down by the government.  Needless to say, it sounds like a pretty grim situation.  But don't worry, they have a carnival.  Although money is hard to come by at times, they still have a small place for entertainment on the outskirts of town complete with a zoo full of lions and bears.