A sad story that turns out ok in the end

Once upon a time I was planning a trip to Jordan.  I packed my bags, and committed to shooting my entire upcoming documentary project on film.  I took one backpack, filled one third with film, one third with cameras, and the rest with clothing and a toothbrush. Upon arrival, a series of events unfolded and I ended up living in a cave in Petra.  On my third day of adventuring around, photographing everything, my Bronica ETRS broke.  Leaving me with two gallon sized Zip-Lock bags of medium format film.. only three rolls shot.  Unable to fix it, I retired the camera and took up my digital camera to complete (or at that point, start) the project I was going to work on... carrying now half my backpack full of unusable things.  As sad as it was, as beautiful as the film would be been with that harsh Arabian sun, my photographs turned out just fine.  If not, great.  I developed those three rolls just recently, only to find this hidden gem.  Omar, a donkey driver who gave me free rides on his donkeys while in the tourist sites.  His donkeys were named: Shakira, Michael Jackson, and Ferrari.

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