A Year in Pin-Ups (Happy New Year!)

Today I took down my 2011 Juice 'n Java calendar, replacing it with the new one (which you can still buy).  I am pretty sure I posted most of these as they were shot, but since then, it's been over a year and they're scattered throughout my old blog.  So, I figured what's a better way of celebrating a new year by recapping last year's calendar?  So, here it is.  All twelve months for those who have somehow missed it, or new supporters I have found in the last year.  From a sailor to an aviator, a motorcycle to a cowgirl... a year in pin-ups.













Happy Halloween! (The Pin-Ups are back!)

And the pin-ups are back!  So far completed 2 of my 13 shoots coming up.  I figured since it's Halloween, this would be the most appropriate time to announce the theme of Juice n Java's 2012 calendar: Superheros and Villains.  This lady, is Poison Ivy.  Be looking forward to more pin-ups as they come in!  But don't worry, I'll just post the "directors cut" of the calendar, as for the real deal with the favorite pictures, you'll just have to buy a calendar.

Pin-up Motorcycle Outtake

Going back to some of the pin-ups I did last winter (a small break from some of the most recent Russia images).  Here is another pin-up series outtake, this one of the lovely Marisa.

And for all of those of you who bought a calendar and loved it (or even those who missed last year's), there is talk of another one being done for the upcoming year.  Get excited.

Pin-up School

I love the energy of back to school.  More so I love the energy of school getting out.  Just a few more weeks and I will be free for a summer full of travel and adventures abroad.  So, if you've been meaning to get with me to do some photography, you have a little over a month.  Which means, one more month of school to get though.  Five in total.  Huzzah!  Then I will be a free woman.

Pin-up Soldier

Hello and happy Monday!  Here is another one of my pin-ups to add to my series.  The whole calendar is currently on display at the Provo Juice 'n Java for one more day (today!) until it moves up to the Orem store for a month as of tomorrow.  That way the girls who work there featured in the calendar can have equal viewing between the two stores.  Things are just a lot more fun that way.  So if you get a chance, go check it out, and if not, keep looking here or just buy a calendar for yourself!