Photoshoot with Ashley

A few weeks ago I got to photograph Ashley for her birthday.  We recently were able to narrow down our pictures and here are our top choices from the shoot!  We had such a great time doing various looks, including the last where we brought in tons of props and redid her entire look for a Day of the Dead theme photoshoot.  So much fun and the photographs turned out great. Thanks Ashley for being fantastic!  Also thanks to my crew consisting of Tree for assisting me in the studio and Silvana for the hair and make up.

Preview: Ashley

Recently I got to photograph Ashley for her 16th birthday as a gift from her parents.  We picked out outfits, a theme, and got a stylist and had a great time in the studio for a few hours the day after her birthday.  There will be a bunch more images to come, but until then, enjoy this one!

Shakes and smoothies

The best things to make in a blender, as crazy as some of the other things that you can make, are milkshakes and smoothies.  The first one is a chocolate shake with avocado and the second was a citrus orange smoothie with a summer squash in it...which believe it or not, you can't taste so you just get the raw nutrition without even noticing!  These delicious recipes and more will be in the Blendtec recipe book coming out soon featuring a blender and my photography.

Green Treats

A few images taken for Blendtec.  They will be having some recipes (and my photographs) in Costco Connection for January, so be sure the check it out!  They have a lot of gluten free as well as just healthy foods.  We have been working on a recipe book for the last 9 months, I believe, and the design is just now finished and we took the last few frames just the other day!  So be looking for that as well in the near future.

Ice Climbing Trad

Ice climbing gear photographed for my still life/commercial photography class, appropriate for the cold weather setting in. Two stories to accompany: 1- ice slips a lot when on Plexiglas.  2- once upon a time I was sitting in the emergency room and there was a boy sitting across from me.  He was missing most of his nose.  A sheet of ice while ice climbing came off and took off his nose.  I was holding my finger together and he was sitting casually without a nose.  I will never ice climb.

Rough Skates

Wanting to juxtapose lace and lightness with beat up roller skates, I did a mock shoot for a roller derby group out of San Antonio. I think a few things are off with the text, but as for now, here is my (almost) final image.