The Colorado River of Texas [Austin, TX]

While spending some time at home in San Antonio, Texas, I got to venture up to Austin for an evening of Stubb's BBQ and watching bats fly out from underneath the Congress Bridge.  While waiting for the nightly exodus, I went for a wander around the parks to look at all the people out of the Colorado River of Texas (did you know there was a second Colorado River?  I sure didn't).  I always thought I would get into kayaking or canoeing when I graduated college and live somewhere like Austin where I could casually play in the water al the time... and then I moved to Chicago and sold my car.  Maybe next time.  Or maybe I should buy that foldable kayak I found that transforms into a giant portfolio and strap that on my bike on my way to Lake Michigan.. 

Bussey's Flea Market


Right before heading back up to The Great Salt Lake, I had an adventure day with a dear old friend, now photographer.  We headed out to Bussey's Flea Market off of I-35.  On a hot summer day in South Texas, where the rain hasn't hit the soil in months, the whole atmosphere has changed.  It feels like the desert.  I feel as if I were on many of the reservations I stopped at on my drive down to Texas, tucking into various rock shops and trinket stores off the side of the road.  Passing through many of these stands, the junk stands turned into oil rigs and then the Hill Country surrounding my home.  At this flea market, I feel as if I had been transported back to the flatlands of Arizona, right here in my drying up home town of San Antonio as I sifted through turquoise and signs from old shops at Bussey's.