Evanston, Wyoming [Holga edition]

View point, Utah.




 Me at a local meat and cheese shop.




 Motel where we found out all our previous research was in a different Evanston.

 I feel like I have been traveling a lot lately.  Maybe this is because I'm so anxious to get out of Utah, or maybe it is because I have no focus anymore.  That last semester of school gets you every time.  Last Sunday, a friend and I were angry that nothing is open on Sunday in Utah.  So, we went to Wyoming for the day.  What we didn't realize is there is not only an Evanston, Illinois (where we found a plethora of things to do on-line on Sundays), but also just because you crossed a border doesn't mean that suddenly everything is open.  Needless to say, if we weren't such exciting people on our own, it would have been a rough trip.  This is the Holga edition of our adventures.  The middle photo and half of the first I didn't take, but I felt as if they needed to be shown anyways to get a good feeling of what happened.  More to come.