Crys and Alan Wedding and Chinese Tea Ceremony: Seattle/Portland
























































































I have never in my life wanted to create a blog post that is this long, but with this particular wedding, I just cannot help it.  It was not just a wedding, but also a tea ceremony which followed the next day.  It was a solid two days of photographs and new experiences, which, is why I just can't help it.  Plus it helps that they were great to photograph, making the narrowing down of photos just that much harder.

Crys is from Portland, Oregon, which explains why the wedding was in Portland.  Alan, from Seattle, Washing, hence the tea ceremony in Seattle.  The wedding was a standard LDS wedding, but the tea ceremony was quite different and very traditional from the clothes down to the specific food.  If you ever get a chance, go to one.  Traditions include a bartering of sorts with money for the girl, tea served in the morning, and a night with food that would not stop coming and karaoke to entertain.  Quite the two days, and quite the adventure.  Like I said, if you ever get a chance, go.  You'll love it.

If you want to see more images from the events, go here.