Dacha harvest


For the first series of films that I am working on here in Russia, I got to go out today to Sokol to a dacha.  Dachas are what America needs to get into.  They're summer homes and just beautiful.  If I could live my whole life in a dacha I would.  Except I get bored easily, which is why they'd be perfect, because they're really only for summer as electricity is sparse, gardens are large, and the toilet is outdoors.

Today I went out to Vladimir Prischepa's dacha.  He's a retired rocket scientist.  A cosmonaut.  We interviewed him and filmed him working in the garden.  While everyone else was setting up, I took this image through the greenhouse while he picked scallions to go with lunch.  He told me we would have dinner in his garden later in my visit and he would make Sashlik (kebabs, essentially) .  And I hear he makes a mean Sashlik.