Day 5: Spinach Potato Hash Browns

I originally read this recipe from a Thomas Keller cookbook as pancakes.  And as much as I respect the man, I can't seem to justify them as pancakes.  Pancakes need to be bready, they need to be fluffy, and these sliced potatoes look and taste more like hash browns than pancakes to me.  I changed up the recipe some, too.  His calls for scallions, but I needed to stick to the weekly theme, so I used spinach instead as well as changed up a few other things.  


1 cup of spinach, stems removed and torn in half

2 medium potatoes, grated using a food processor, cheese grater, or and vegetable peeler (that's what I did)

2 tablespoons corn starch

salt and pepper

olive oil



Grate the potatoes, wash in cold water and dry either using a salad tosser or a strainer and towel.  Toss in the corn starch until evenly coated.  Add the spinach.


Heat up a frying pan with olive oil in the bottom and make pancake shaped shapes out of the mixture (this part here is open for interpretation, some like their pancakes in stars, others in dinosaurs, or some just in circles) and sprinkle with salt and pepper.



Cook on the stove until brown, flip with care as they are delicate, and continue to brown the other side.  Add additional olive oil as needed.


Serve on up!  Perhaps with some eggs, bacon, toast, or whatever else you would desire for breakfast.