Departure Date

Friends, one family member, and the rest of you here in Provo.  I am leaving Utah the first of March to move from the Great Salt Lake to the Great Lakes.  Salt Lake just wasn't big enough for me.  And one lake just wasn't enough.  I need five.  Maybe I'm a little greedy, but these lakes are fresh water and they have a great wind chill.  Chicago, here I come.  At least for now.  Who knows where I will be 6 months from now.  A year from now.  If I'm lucky, still Chicago, if I'm extra lucky, maybe I'll land a sweet job in Eastern Europe.  But for now, I'm going to get as close to Eastern Europe as I can get without going overseas or to Brighton Beach.  I'm moving on the first of March and who knows if and when I will be back.  So, this is a last call.  For all those times you told me you wanted family pictures, to buy a print from me, headshots, whatever you want.  Now is the time to book a photoshoot with me.  Or take me out to lunch.