Foolin' Around Provo Kickoff Tomorrow


Hello to all of you in Provo!  I am part of the student council for visual arts, representing the photography department, and we are putting on a community event to finish off the semester.  So many of you may have heard via word of mouth/facebook/etc about this large event on Thursday from 11am-1pm  on the southeast patio of the Harris Fine Art Center on BYU campus.  There will be delicious food and fun things and you'll get to play a game to get a group of city blocks to create a piece of art for to be displayed in April's Gallery Stroll.  So, come!  The more that participate the merrier because then the more of Provo that will be represented.  It'll be fun.  So if you are in Provo and read this before tomorrow at 11am.... come on over!  And if you miss it, you can still sign up on the 5th floor of the HFAC outside of the Visual Arts office for the following week.  If you want more details, you can always check the extended info on the facebook event.