Goodbye, America (aka Cross on the Hill)

By the time this post gets up on-line I will be in the air on my way to Moscow, Russia.

Around this time last year I was walking around the streets of Mostar, Bosnia and found a cross on a hill just a little ways outside of town.  I only spent a few hours in Mostar, but a significant amount of that time when I was not trying to figure out how to leave, I was trying to figure out how to get to that cross.  I just really wanted a photograph, but I never think I got it.  I then took of for Međugorje where I found an entire town dedicated to a cross on a hill, and yet still no picture.

While driving down to Texas from Utah recently, I finally got my picture of a cross on a hill.  It was across the Rio Grande in Juarez, Mexico and I was able to grab it while at a stop light.  Ends up I could have stayed in Texas for the same picture all along.