Guadalupe: South Alamo Street, San Antonio

The area off of South Alamo in San Antonio may be one of my favorites of the city.  It has my favorite thrift stores, parks, and tea shops.  Another favorite is the art walk that happens every first Friday of the month.  There is a shop across from Jive, inbetween Rosario's and the bridge.  I don't know the name of it, but it is in a house that sits back off the street a ways and is marked with The Virgin Guadalupe both on the street and on the actual house.  This art store is full of what I like to call San Antonio art.  It's bright and strongly related to various Mexican and Catholic cultures.  It's like Day of the Dead attended Fiesta.  I love it.  Everytime I go here I end up with tiles, paintings, or little sculptures.

There was a home I remember going into in Reno as a kid that had a lot of Day of the Dead in it.  They were sitting on tables, hanging off the ceiling.  As a kid it was quite scary had not been introduced to that culture yet.  When I grow up, if I keep going to this store, that will be my house.