Happy Sailboats Day [aka Valentine's Day]

Somehow I decided it was "Sailboats are better than love day".  I think it went along the lines of the fact that I wanted to make a fancy treat, but I only have squirrel, dinosaur, and sailboat cookie cutters (I'm a classy and practical woman), but no hearts.  I didn't feel too bad, because sailboats are better than hearts because let's be honest, if you had to choose between a sailboat shaped cookie and a heart, you'd pick the sailboat.  So I found every sailing song I could, put on some nautical stripes, and started off turning today into a sailor's holiday.  Unfortunately not only did most of the cookies get eaten by Saturday (I got a kick start) but I also am not an expert cookie decorator, so I didn't even bother photographing them.  I also somehow can't find any boat pictures that have yet to be blogged.  So I guess this oil rig from Galveston will have to do, technically making it "Oil Rigs are better than Love day".  I could insert a political statement here... but I'll leave that witty comment up to your imagination.