Henri Cartier-Bresson and the theatre


There once was a man by the name of Henri Cartier-Bresson and he knew where it was at.  There's this thing called "The Decisive Moment", the most glorious of all moments in a photograph.  It's the moment when the photographer decides to capture the frame.  This is the moment that makes or breaks a photograph.  These moments are a bear to capture.  But when done right, oh are they right.  He may be one of the top 5 influential photographers for me.  Along with Diane Arbus, Bill Owens, and Pierre Verger and three battling for 5th place.

This photograph is of a woman named Anna in the Bolshoi Theatre.  Due to having a beautiful name, I got a secret tour of the theatre (story and pictures later) and this dressing room was one of the rooms shown, where I met this violinist.