Herbal Remedies in Jars

Over the summer while in Bosnia, I was introduced to the uses of foods in health.  I had always thought about herbals remedies, but never about much more than that.  I lived with a holistic physical therapist and the culture in the Balkans is very aware of the food around you and how it can benefit you.  I have been reading about it and studying it while trying to keep my small indoor and outdoor gardens alive.

For a recent photograph, I created two jars of teas from my garden and coupled them with my mint plant on my window sill.

The first tea is with rose hips and Moroccan mint. Rose hips help with inflammation, especially in the knees and hips.  It also has more vitamin C than most citrus fruits.  Moroccan Mint helps with stomach issues such as indigestion and nausea.  It is also good for relaxation.

The second tea is with lemon verbena and thyme.  Lemon verbena strengthens the nervous system but also helps with reducing fevers and other symptoms of illness.  Thyme helps with coughs and colds and is kind of an all around good herb for you.