Holy Family Shrine, Nebraska

Last weekend I ran away to Nebraska.  Only taking my toothbrush and a camera.  I went with a good friend to see an old roommate, now getting her masters at University of Nebraska in Art History.  She's great.  After picking her up in Lincoln, we drove over to Omaha to spend the day there when we found the Holy Family Shrine along the way.  I stopped and took a few images for my architecture class.  When my teacher asked why I didn't get specific shots or use external lighting my response was, "It was just one of those trips where all your take is a toothbrush and one lens".  Apparently this is not a relatable method of traveling, as I am sure my grade will reflect for not meeting the requirement.  However, I think I should get bonus points for only using a 100mm fixed for an interior.  I guess he will disagree on that one too.