John, roughly five years ago

I have been doing the tedious and time consuming process lately of designing, printing, and putting together my book.  A portfolio for photographers of my very best works.  It's been a long haul, going through previous portfolios, projects, galleries, and blog posts looking for what I think is my very best and cohesive works to eventually show to art directors to get work.  While going through these images, I found the portfolio I used to apply to the photography program.  Ten images of my best work at the time, about four years ago.  It is funny, talking to other people as to what their portfolio consisted of.  Many so embarrassed at having even taken the images.  Perhaps I haven't grown as a photographer since then, but there are a few images that I still love.  This was one I forgot about that I still like, taken of my little brother John while watching TV at my grandparents house.