Kazanskaya Train Station

  To get a train ticket in Russia, you have to be patient, lucky, and decent at Russian.  You stand in one line for twenty minutes when it closes down, move to the next for five and it also closes, the next line you get to you almost make it to the front when it too closes.  This is after you stood in the wrong section of the train station trying to explain that you just need a ticket to Kazan for five minutes before a darling boy helps you because he knows more English than you Russian.  Finally, after three hours and two trains have been missed, a train to Kazan surprises you and comes up on the list of departures.  One hour to go and still a line to wait in.  Here is when the luck comes in and you finally make it to the front, hoping to know enough Russian to not get the worst spot on the train and not get stuck with a ticket four times the normal price.  And we take off for Kazan, somehow having mastered patience, luck, and Russian.