Lamp Shop, Chinese Black Market

In the tourist city of Irkutsk, is an area known as the Chinese Black Market.  It is a classic Asian market, full of trinkets, knock off electronics, and more things than your eyes can process.  Being about 100km away from Mongolia and another 800 from China, there were plenty of Asian goods to go around (as well as the welcome break from Russian food with Chinese and Mongolian food galore!).  The only ironic thing was that not only were there many Asians working the market, but also a lot of people from the Caucasus, coming over as cheap labor.  Maybe I just find that funny as we, as Americans, send over all our products to China to make using cheap labor, and in Russia the Chinese are hiring people from the Caucasus for even cheaper labor.  I guess we all look for a cheaper, faster, method of doing things, exploiting one group or another till we get what we want for the best price and the quickest delivery.  But, I guess that is another tangent.  Nonetheless, this was a lamp shop I walked by on my way to the best Chinese food in Russia.  I just loved the conglomeration of lamps hanging from the ceilings and one another to pack as many as possible into this one little shop, as it is human nature to pack the most into the cheapest and most efficient into one little box.