Lyudmila's Tombstone

While spending a lot of time in Yekaterinburg, I got to get into a routine.  I learned where to buy the best vegetables, eggs, milk, and water within a 5 minute walk of the apartment I was in.  I even found the small corner places where basil and other rare herbs could be purchased.  It was nice to get to know the people I would see on a daily basis, whether just by walking by or getting daily groceries.

Lyudmila was one of the many I came to know.  She worked at a dairy stand she owned.  One day she found out I was a photographer and insisted that I photograph her.  Recently both her husband and her son had died, and she had wanted a photograph for her tombstone, a popular thing to have on Russian tombs.  Insisting that she needed a photo of her own, I went back the next day to make this image for her tomb in exchange for sweetened condensed milk and eggs.