Natalie & Brenden McQuay: Houston/Galveston, Texas

Shortly before Christmas I got to go up to Houston for Natalie and Brenden's wedding then down to Galveston for their reception.  It was such a great wedding.  A few years back I photographed his brother and sister-in-law's wedding, Heidi and Sean.  It was fun getting to see people who I had photographed two years ago, just a little bit older.  The best part, however, was the first dance.  I have never seen a more exciting first dance.  From the sotry I heard, they just chose a random song and they got really into it.  Like singing along loudly and dancing crazy.  Definite crowd pleaser and made my job easy, it's really easy to photograph people having a good time when they are.  If you want to see more, go here.