New Project [Russia 2011]


This summer I will be taking off for a new adventure (in two weeks and two days, to be exact).  After doing a short film project for two weeks,  I will be meeting up with a good friend to take off for three months of adventure trekking across the entire 10,000 KM that is Russia from the Caspian Sea to the Arctic Circle to the borders of Mongolia, China, and the -Stans.  It's going to be wild as we set off to create a documentary about collapsed cities of Russia and how they have worked to survive after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

We started a new blog where you can follow this progress as my life gets just a little bit crazier.  Subscribe, that way you get new updates on the blog, and enjoy.  Eventually there will be a movie, a photo exhibit, etc.  But that is not for a ways out, so until then, just go check it out.