Novosibirsk crush









Generally speaking, I love every place I go.  Each place I even stop by, even for a day, I have a crush on.  I imagine living there the rest of my life and can see it being a possibility.   I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to places to live.  Sadly, after a short time, I forget about these places when I move on to my next 5 minute city crush.  However, there are certain places that I have never been or that I have been that I immediately love.  These are the towns that generally have a certain mysticism about them to begin with... or in my mind.  These include places such as Sarajevo, New Orleans, and most recently, Novosibirsk.  Everyone I have talked to about Novosibirsk loves their city.  They don't understand why people come in the summer and they are proud to live in Siberia.

Coming in on a train to Novosibirsk, the love I had already fathomed in my mind, manifested itself in real life.  It's the giddy feeling that I get when getting on a train, or when seeing the names of certain cities or countries.  Just from the train window I loved it.  There was a 45 minute stop, in which I ran around as fast as possible at 3am trying to see everything in site.

The first two images are from that initial entrance into Novosibirsk of an outside lake.  The last one is of the sleepless vendors who greet those exiting the train.  These, selling glow sticks.  I can only imagine how exciting these toys would be in winter during long nights and only a few hours of daylight that they experience.