Population 800 back and running


This time last year I started working on a project called Population 800.  I went to towns with about 800 people or less in Utah and photographed the towns and the people in them.  I coupled it with a folklore project and interviewed the people I saw as to why the town was settled and then the personal settlement of the individuals as well.  It's fun because I just spend all day out in these tiny towns, talking to people who are wonderful and invite me into their homes and businesses to talk to me sometimes for hours and sometimes just for five minutes about their lives and the lives of their towns.

A week ago I went to Hinckley, Utah just outside of Delta.  More pictures will come as will the stories that go along with them.  I will be working on this on and off for, well as long as I live in Utah.  I just got a recent resurgence of excitement for the project and headed out to Hinckley and ended up in the home of the owner of this airplane for over an hour.  This only escalated my enthusiasm for this project, so hopefully it sticks around for a while so I can go to a few more towns.