Prints for Sale.

Recently I had to do a presentation in which I had to make this large posted board from my Sarajevo project.  Now this board sits in my room and I just can't deal with it as I pack up because I decided two days ago that I'm moving.  And really, it's just quite large.  So I'm cutting it up and you can have the captioned images or just the images (I'm figuring the center images of newspaper articles and artist statement won't sell, so don't feel bad for not wanting that).  They're dry mounted on foam-core and ready to put on your wall.  Smaller images are about 11x14 and $15 and the diptych is larger (obviously) and $25.  It can be cut in half too if you just want the individual photos at $15 ea.  Basically this is a steal.  I'll even ship it for you for a few extra dollars.

Either leave a comment on here or send me an e-mail and I'll cut it up and send it your way.

And, if there are any other prints you want of mine, come over and look through what I have.  I'll either sell or exchange for some of your art.

Basically I want to get rid of stuff.  So let's do this.