Russian Beaches and Superstitions


When I first started telling people I was going to Russia for the summer, I got a lot of "Oh! It's so cold there!" and "Aren't you going to freeze?"  and "Be sure to pack lots of fur!"  Dear everybody who was so concerned, last year Russia had a heat wave that killed thousands of people.  Yesterday was 74 degrees, and last week I went swimming in the local river.  I think things are going to be wonderful.

One reason why it's going to be wonderful are these things referred to as Russian Beaches.  They're a beach, on a river.  Sand and lawn chairs are brought in and it turns into a beach of sorts in the middle of forests or right in cities.

Last week I went swimming with a boy who I was staying with.  We went digging for clay and jumped off the docks.  It was perfect.  We came back though and a friend Maxim was furious.  He was so angry because Cannon was going to get sick from the cold water.  Laughing it off as folklore, we went inside and acted as if it was nothing.  He is now sick.  Perhaps these superstitions are for a reason or maybe it is just allergies.