Station 22 Fall Menu

Station 22 recently rolled out a fall menu with some seasonal sides and dishes.  Not only did I get to photograph these beautiful creations, but I got to try them.  And even if you're a long time Station 22 goer or new to it, there are some great and different menu items up to try.  I like places with seasonal menus, it keeps things fresh and keeps me coming back for more almost weekly.  So, here are the new items, enjoy both the photos and food! (And don't worry.. they still have some favorite foods that you have seen in photos before.)

Corn on the Cob with Maple-Walnut Butter

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The Barbarian

A whole turkey leg roasted in hickory and served with an orange-cranberry dipping sauce.

 Seasonal Squash

Fresh local squash, oven-roasted & topped with crushed candied walnuts, brown sugar & maple butter

Belle’s Turkey Sandwich

An open-faced sandwich with oven-roasted turkey, smashed red potatoes, and topped with our special sarsaparilla-molasses gravy and fried onions.

Indian Summer

Baked ham, brie cheese, & tomato-onion chutney served on a sliced sprouted grain bread topped with maple-walnut butter.


Station 22 Cafe

22 W. Center Street

Provo, Utah

Food and styling by Brittany Ammon