Vladimir Preshepha (Владимир Иосифович--Кто такие мормоны?)

I cannot believe I never posted the 5th and my favorite of the short documentary series I created while in Russia two summers ago.  This one is of Vladimir Preshepha, a former Russian cosmonaut.  They were a series of videos created with Brigham Young University for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints, sending me to Moscow to complete the project.  Vladimir was one of my favorites, one of the nicest and smartest older man I've ever met.



Jed Wells, director, editor, and mentor

Jonathan Wright, photographer and assistant to the director

Christine Armbruster, photographer

Joseph Belliston, Sound mix

Kaleidoscope Pictures: Color correction

Seth Adam Smith for the initial Vladimir edit

Pilsen for "Why So Red?"

I recently was asked by the blog "Why So Red?"  to do some collaborating, featuring the different parts of Chicago with Eastern European influences.  Whether architecture, restaurants, or just a good shop full of all your Balkin needs.. we will be working on finding them.  It will be a series of adventures and pierogis.  The first neighborhood we featured was Pilsen, named after the Czech town of Plzen.  Here we mainly focused on the handful of churches with various influences and Dvork Park in the southwest neighborhood in Chicago.  To read more, please visit the blog post.. but here are a handful of images, some not posted on the blog.