Tomato Chutney Jam (A Perfect Marriage)

There are two recent loves in my life: tomato jam and tomato chutney.  The jam being more sweet and the chutney being more sour and better for relishes to accompany many dishes.  So I've been thinking, why not combine the two into an all-in-one glorious jar?  Perfect for over toast, paired with cheeses, or on a sandwich.  An awesome ketchup alternative on a hamburger or delicious on small plate items.



10 Roma Tomatoes

1 TB lime juice

1/8 ts cumin

1/2 ts ginger

1/4 ts cinamon

1/8 ts cloves

1/4 ts red peppers

1 ts salt

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup vinegar



Chop up, put in a pot and then simmer on down until thick. Easy enough.  It will probably take an hour or two.  If impatient (like I am), you can boil it as long as you're willing to stir more often so they don't burn.  With the addition of more lemon or lime juice (about a tablespoon for each quart jar), you can seal them in a boiling water bath and keep for year.