Train Friends

Russian trains can be a really beautiful thing.  You spend days in the same wagon as people come and go.  Some stick around for a few hours, others for days.  But, you somehow end up becoming friends with all of them.  After a few days on a train, people are asking you to wake them up in the middle of the night at your stop and say their goodbyes through tears and address exchanges.  There is no internet or cell phone service, and electrical outlets are sparse and only 50 watt, forcing people to actually have to interact for entertainment.  An art I feel is often long gone. The two people below are two of the many wonderful people I met.  Charlotte, a solo traveler fulfilling a life goal to spend her birthday in a yurt in Mongolia, and Yura, a trombone player in the Novosibirsk orchestra going to visit his wife and child two days away.