Willie: Provo, UT







Sometimes I honestly believe that the craziest things happen to me.

Two years ago St. Louis did a project called "dArt St. Louis"  where artists from all over the city came and threw darts at a map and whichever city block you landed on you had to make a piece of art based off of it.  I have loved this idea ever since.  I remember sitting in the Dominican Republic one afternoon and realizing I had to do this.

I represent the photography department at my school and we were coming up with a project for the visual arts school and I pitched my idea and they were in.  So we went ahead and organized it, got our blocks and went to work.  I sent off for my section of Provo on the south west end and saw this boy, Willie, working on his bike with his dad and brother.  I drove past 3 times before I got the guts to go up and talk to them (sometimes I get nervous).  I explained my project and started photographing.  About 5 minutes into it, Willie asked me to explain the project again, so I did.  He explained that while he was on his mission, he was playing soccer with some kids and was asked to be photographed for a project so similar to this one.  I asked if it was roughly two years ago and he said yes.  Then I asked if by chance he was in St. Louis and he was shocked because he was.  Ends up he was photographed for the original project, and here again in Provo for my rendition of it.  What are the odds?  So bizarre and crazy, and naturally, it happened to me.  Best luck in the universe.

The show opens Friday (April 1) in Provo Town Square (Center & University Ave).  Come check it out, as it will only be up for a week.